If Phones Were People | My Phone is My Best Friend | Relatable Funny Musical by La La Life

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What if objects were people?💎Imagine yourself being BFFs with your phone 📱 Cute smart guy being around all the time⏰ He's your bestie! He helps you with everything🥑He’s funny... But one day you get a present🎁 What is it? Oops your old phone won’t like it...
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00:00 Phone falls in the toilet
00:21 Angry mom
01:09 Phone’s sick
02:20 Fixed
03:08 Smashed screen
03:27 If phone was a guy
04:20 Charging
05:40 Notifications
07:03 Date with my crush
08:04 Punishment
08:24 Life without phone
09:08 Concert
09:51 Happy Birthday
10:23 New accessories
11:22 Locked screen
11:56 Screwed
12:52 I miss you!
#fun #phone #girlsproblem
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