I survived 2000 days in Hardcore Minecraft - The Movie

What a ride it has been...
I've survived 2000 days in Hardcore on 63 nights of sleep, while building my little heart out. There are definitely no plans of slowing down, all the best.... is yet to come!

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Video shaders:
SEUS Renewed - www.sonicether.com/seus/

Thumbnail art by Kweenkitten:

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00:01 Truce No More - Dream Cave
01:02 Jumping Jack - Xack
02:25 Leap Of Faith - Edgar Hopp
05:05 Days of Hope - Hampus Naeselius
07:12 Villain Versus Young Hero - Grant Newman
9:16 And Then We Fell from the Sky - Across The Great Valley
12:56 Realm Of Gabriel - Golden Anchor
15:40 The Proving Grounds - Dragon Tamer
16:38 Apollo - Dream Cave
18:14 A Hero Will Know - Bonnie Grace
19:46 Destiny Rising - FormantX
20:03 Dark Utopia - FormantX
20:34 Light Utopia - FormantX
21:22 Radiate - At The End of Times & Nothing
23:40 Dauntless - Jo Wandrini
25:13 The Lost Cities - Johannes Bornlöf
27:20 The Unexplored - Philip Ayers
28:09 Colliding Stars - Jon Sumner
29:03 Goliath - Dream Cave




  • When he made the cenimatic view of the loony adventures I remembered the Hogwarts

    RaymondRaymondPřed 2 hodinami
  • Hello

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  • Watching a CSlover grow is actually so beautiful I still remember when I watched this for the first time and he only had like 20k

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  • Where is your 1st 1000 days hardcore?

    Robert SanchezRobert SanchezPřed dnem
    • There's an episode series starting from day 0, but this is the first long video. At day 1000 the world wasn't special enough yet. It needed more time.

      LoonyLoonyPřed dnem
  • I like how loony is just bullying the ender dragon

    TheBasilisk06 TheBasilisk06 Před dnem
  • This made me over come my fears of hardcore I beat the wither 6 times and beat the ender dragon your inspired me to believe in my self and never give up loony you are the best CSlover I’ve ever watched

    Jen PirateJen PiratePřed dnem
  • Props to my guy for putting years of effort to create amazing content for you guys

    I’m anonymous XDI’m anonymous XDPřed 2 dny
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  • 4:53 that sucks, kill all the guardians from whole world, annyoing af

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  • You motivated me to do my survival world BETTER LIKE YOURE WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER

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  • Atlantis?

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  • A true cinematic masterpiece wow

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  • 24:45 My jaw dropped

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  • do you have any tips for an AMAZING world like this?

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  • Link dowload map

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  • 14:19 music: realm of gabriel - golden anchor

    joaquin labojoaquin laboPřed 4 dny
  • Het it's impossible in hardcore and I tried so hard but I die XD

  • I can't believe how he can fo this big builds it's cool

    GFOATGFOATPřed 5 dny
  • Anyone notice he placed the same map twice at the end of the first map room clip (22:22)

    Charlie HaywardCharlie HaywardPřed 5 dny
  • 24:30 my fav part of the whole video

    Kyaw KhantKyaw KhantPřed 6 dny
  • Damm man you have insane building skills your world is amazing

    S2A 027 shreyash DeshpandeS2A 027 shreyash DeshpandePřed 6 dny
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  • 24:35 hummm... did this guy just build a... 3>?????!!!

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  • how do you enchant with sheild?

    GT-LegendGT-LegendPřed 6 dny
    • Anvil and books

      LoonyLoonyPřed 6 dny
    • Anvil and books

      LoonyLoonyPřed 6 dny
  • Amazing 😍!! What was the version?

    NomisNomisPřed 6 dny
    • Started on 1.15.2

      LoonyLoonyPřed 6 dny
  • SB737: intense sweating

    Troll KenobiTroll KenobiPřed 7 dny
  • I was here from the 1000 days

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  • hello, my name is leonardo, my country is Brazil, I Brasilian

  • Press "F" for respect on Danny

  • you are very very insane

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  • Seed in this world?

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    • He won't give.

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  • he's underrated

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  • Holy moly! I dont even have the words to express how amazing this is!! I could watch hours and hours of this. I wish i had the creativity you have, its incredible!!

    DragonsRageAlexDragonsRageAlexPřed 10 dny
  • i love how most people that make "1000 days" videos are extremely dramatic and serious while LTN is "haha funny emerald tower to build limit"

    DoggoGuyDoggoGuyPřed 10 dny
  • why did you kill so many dragons

    SlayFNSlayFNPřed 10 dny
    • To have all the end gateways filled out so that you can build things that won't be destroyed if you want more end gateways.

      DistroHopper39BDistroHopper39BPřed dnem
  • some of the cinematics made it look like an actual movie, the castle, coming out the water, the music and the shaders. i have no words

    Stealth RiftStealth RiftPřed 10 dny
  • Great work

    The unstoppable guysThe unstoppable guysPřed 11 dny
  • You get me bro,A big respect to u✔

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  • Loony is the most creative man I have ever seen in minecraft

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  • i like how u just had all the potions and exactly 1 stack rockets LOL

    Lullefyr 1Lullefyr 1Před 13 dny
  • can someone explain how he get this view 16:37 , is there any other person or hes in creative?, idk im new to minecraft pc

    • Replay mod

      DistroHopper39BDistroHopper39BPřed dnem
  • Can we appreciate how he also organised his chests

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  • It's hard

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  • I just watched someone play minecraft for 32 minutes, and I enjoyed it

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  • "The story starts at the very beginning" Hmmm yes, this end of road is where the road ends

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  • He found a mushroom biome so epic

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  • Epic builds and fighting the ender dragon so many times and fighting two withers at once

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  • "I had to be prepared to lose the world in order to save it" - One of the best things i heard. For this reason you gained a subscriber. Oops. And one vs 2 wither fights 😱😱😱

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  • He wasn’t lying when he said that his adventure is FAR FROM OVER!

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  • Respect!

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  • Dude I gotta say I have a lot of respect for you and I could never do anything of this in creative let alone survival you might be the best Minecraft player I’ve seen yet and I’ve seen a lot of MC players

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  • This is better then the whole marvel series

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  • OMG this is hard work and i really love what you built ;-;

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  • normal people: I survived 100 days in minecraft hardcore this guy: I survived 2000 YEARS in minecraft hardcore

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  • I totally forgot that Guardians & Withers existed in minecraft.

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  • I could never do what others did, though thanks to you Looney you have proved to me anyone, absolutely anyone can achieve what you did, thank you!

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  • cslove.info/wiev/f6i2zcylZLiompw/video.html

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  • How do you to scroll the mouse wheel and place the blocks of your hotbar to put blocks randomly?

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    • The number keys work.

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    • Uh he didn't have the shells

      DistroHopper39BDistroHopper39BPřed dnem
  • You have one of the finest builds that the entire community hardly have seen. Good job bro keep going..

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  • I am sad to see this because i start to play Minecraft at 5 years old (im 20 now ) and i dont have any world like this one .

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    • So you have been playing Minecraft since 2006? You must be a time traveler, since it didn't exist until 2009.

      DistroHopper39BDistroHopper39BPřed dnem