Napoleon: Total War - Imperial Psycho - Part 5

Napoleon: Total War. Medal of the Imperial Psychopath achievement attempt through all Napoleon's campaigns. Game settings: Very hard battles and campaign.

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  • I loved the way that artillery man sprinted through a bullet storm to charge that militia.

    Dylius01Dylius01Před 7 lety
  • Who the fuck disliked this video?

    King MirzaKing MirzaPřed 7 lety
  • It's pronounced "Breshia"

    Peter SlavovPeter SlavovPřed 7 lety
    • @LegendofTotalWar Yeah I know, you just seemed to be particularly bothered by Brescia :)

      Peter SlavovPeter SlavovPřed 7 lety
    • If you're going to correct me on every city I mispronounce you're going to be pretty busy.

      LegendofTotalWarLegendofTotalWarPřed 7 lety