The GOD-TIER Computer Chair

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This ergonomic desk lets you stand, sit, or recline however you want! But is it worth the huge price tag if you DON'T have an ergonomic issue like an RSI? What about gaming?

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0




  • God help when someone drop this on their face

    LitycalLitycalPřed 20 hodinami
  • interesting

    Nugget of Truth - Eric KingNugget of Truth - Eric KingPřed 20 hodinami
  • for 7k that much of "woble" is bullshit.....idea is OK but the overall is a joke

    Robert SzantoRobert SzantoPřed dnem
  • Looks like a dentist treatment chair

    FifasurFifasurPřed dnem
  • The ceaseless north precisely guarantee because black potentially wonder with a well-to-do employer. lowly, tired tire

    Jeanette BakerJeanette BakerPřed dnem
  • this computer chair is a joke this one looks better

    bart manbart manPřed dnem
  • Who loves to fall asleep on chair there here we got something for you yea it’s little expensive but deal with it

    Get addicted to AnimeGet addicted to AnimePřed dnem
  • Seems a little ridiculous to me

    Skippin DocsSkippin DocsPřed 3 dny
  • a phone falling on your face hurts sometimes. that monitor falls on your face youll be waking up in the hospital or afterlife

    Mika FennecMika FennecPřed 3 dny
  • the new standard for dentist chairs

    Tyler Levi Silk de la PenaTyler Levi Silk de la PenaPřed 4 dny
  • They should do a custom gaming smart fridge that uses the fridge for cooling

    Mitchell WestMitchell WestPřed 5 dny
  • So everyone remember dropping your phone on your face when your lying on your bed watching a show well …. Now you can drop your monitor on your face instead of your phone.

    Tea CatTea CatPřed 5 dny
  • Weeble wobble

    geneo78720geneo78720Před 6 dny
  • Honesty! Wow, thank you.

    01Fratricide01FratricidePřed 7 dny
  • It’s too big too close

    RawAbility21RawAbility21Před 7 dny
  • "Wider Booty"

    KisAwesomeKisAwesomePřed 10 dny
  • this would be that 1 situation where you actually win due to your gaming chair

    Zest OwlZest OwlPřed 11 dny
  • That’s really expensive, but an awesome chair tho.

    I would like to order A number 1 Big Mac mealI would like to order A number 1 Big Mac mealPřed 12 dny
  • That Beanie brings out the Pink in your Eyes

    FREEdom of PEACHFREEdom of PEACHPřed 13 dny
  • i couldnt disagree more ... the keyboard has horozontal adjustment so when reclined youre not literally lifting your elbows... like seriously wtf is wrong with linus sometimes... then the rest of the criticisms were just unavoidable stuff or minor stuff that snowballed around that 1 original invalid issue... “its too big” like being the size of... oh i dunno... chair with a monitor 2 feet in front... or a standard lazyboy... “its just not for me”... what, not having back pain? (from virtually any other option besides standing all the time)... try reclining at a desk (in a chair possibly without even a head rest... try scrunched forward sitting at a desk... try laptop in bed... try literally any other setup without completely sacrificing the possibility of peak performance at any serious athletic or physical endeavor

    Joe AmodeoJoe AmodeoPřed 15 dny
  • that costs 50000$ where i live including tax and no peripherals

  • 11:49 seriously ? look at the screen... it's desgusting

    chateichateiPřed 15 dny
  • LOL what? Linus seems like a smart tech guy, who is funny, handsome and even has a cool style with his beanie and everything until you see him wearing socks and sandals! Lmao

    ًًPřed 20 dny
  • James May talked about how the lamborghini countach was this beautiful car which was awful to live with. Sounds like this chair.

    Drew JacksonDrew JacksonPřed 22 dny
  • JP had this chair before anybody.

    tribe 33tribe 33Před 24 dny
  • Linus.... if ur being held hostage to gib a good review.... blink twice or just click that reply button anything works

    BigmonBigmonPřed 25 dny
  • Ngl kinda want one for fun though

    labeeb mirzalabeeb mirzaPřed 27 dny
  • Did they stole that from the dentist? 😁

    SouLoveLee_SouLoveLee_Před 27 dny
  • So they want me to spend 7k on a dentist chair? Sure, why not.

    GooseGoosePřed 28 dny
  • this company appears to have mastered the art of separating absolute idiots from their money.

    ChrisChrisPřed měsícem
  • hey I have a video idea, building their dream gaming setups?

    Drew HAckerDrew HAckerPřed měsícem
  • 😂😂😂 a dentist chair with a giant monitor....bruh please! I'll stick with my Zhuoyuan 720....

    Rahim KisoorRahim KisoorPřed měsícem
  • 6:12 dude be careful

    Christian Kurt AgaoChristian Kurt AgaoPřed měsícem
  • @7:15 by four or five minutes you could feel you blood through your hand by holding you phone vertically? Lol to be honest I think its baby reason for a tech channel or gamer lol

    Bernard SajordaBernard SajordaPřed měsícem
  • So they copied the design from Grandmas Boy? Hmm.

    Travis 831Travis 831Před měsícem
  • I would like to see Linus building his own chair

    Peter WPeter WPřed měsícem
  • God -- How did you die? Me -- My 32pound monitor fell on my face......

    Vivek KumarVivek KumarPřed měsícem
  • Don't think I could sit down in that chair without expecting the Dentist to start sticking metal tools in my mouth.

    Aaron DervrakAaron DervrakPřed měsícem
  • This is the kind of chair that makes you a hacker in games

    Hazim IsaHazim IsaPřed měsícem
  • The predator solution was better.

    Szymon HudySzymon HudyPřed měsícem
  • They should just move the seat not the monitor

    mark bellavancemark bellavancePřed měsícem
  • This is the ultimate unnecessary invention, I like it.

    Felipe Matheus de Souza SantosFelipe Matheus de Souza SantosPřed měsícem
  • This is just a dentist's chair with a monitor mount

    TangJuiceTangJuicePřed měsícem
    • Lol

      EmptingsEmptingsPřed měsícem
  • For when you want to get that dental exam feeling while you work.

    DavilDavilPřed měsícem
  • hey linus help me out

    nOobiEdOo 007nOobiEdOo 007Před měsícem
  • hi

    KING GAMING opKING GAMING opPřed měsícem
  • This would be perfect for me, spinal cord injury. Too expensive though :(

    Tintamar5678Tintamar5678Před měsícem
  • I want one, but for the price I can get a sit-stand desk, great staples chair, a new pc and multiple monitor setup.

    Vopa DevaVopa DevaPřed měsícem
  • You can build an extreme gaming computer eith 2 3090s for that price. Even a g9 monitor if you wanted.

    ZacharyTech7ZacharyTech7Před měsícem
  • The 3 star review was uploaded on 4/20/2020

    Mike YoutubeMike YoutubePřed měsícem
  • jr not practical for gaming

    lala lalalala lalaPřed měsícem
  • Can you build pc in shape of backpage that you can hold it and use it to play with vr headset this is the future that i want to see

    Hamza KarfaHamza KarfaPřed měsícem
  • 1:19 LOL.

    Visions of MadnessVisions of MadnessPřed měsícem
  • The link to the chair gives a 404 page

    VR NosyVR NosyPřed měsícem
  • 6:43 Thats what I was thinking... It is Wall-E level of uselessness...

    Fausto FariaFausto FariaPřed měsícem
  • For a 7K computer chair, it wobbles.

    Killian O'ShaughnessyKillian O'ShaughnessyPřed měsícem
  • Socks with sandals. Like a convertible never having the top down

    Smoothly RoughSmoothly RoughPřed měsícem
  • Wall-E....

    dosdurosdosdurosPřed měsícem
  • Get a review an Ingrem Gaming Tech they make custom ones.

    RitualREDRUMRitualREDRUMPřed měsícem
  • This looks like the chair from Grandma's Boy where the dude comes into his office and he's reclined in the chair programming and blasting music. "Does it scare you?" "No, I just don't like techno." "You would if you had robot ears."

    77josh7777josh77Před měsícem
  • Does it drill your teeth while gaming?

    Niklas FritzellNiklas FritzellPřed měsícem
  • I play laying down half the time. You cant get me to do my bookeeping sitting up.

    supersmexsupersmexPřed měsícem
  • God does not need any chair, or anything or anybody. He is as-Samad.

    Rote PilleRote PillePřed měsícem
  • Is it how looks like a dentist gaming setup ???

    恵武侒 KaliRF恵武侒 KaliRFPřed měsícem
  • I'd feel like being a patient, no thanks

    D ND NPřed měsícem
  • Thanks for reviewing it. I've been looking for something like this. I know it's expensive but ergonomics of a tradition desk make it a pain to work all day.

    Boris FettBoris FettPřed měsícem
    • @Omega Computing I have done that but i work with people that cant stand that long so they alternate from standing to sitting. A chair like this would give a third option.

      Boris FettBoris FettPřed měsícem
    • just stand while working?

      Omega ComputingOmega ComputingPřed měsícem
  • What game was he playing at 7:48?

    Majd Al KakhiMajd Al KakhiPřed měsícem
    • I wanna say doom

      Tanmay PawarTanmay PawarPřed 17 dny
  • It's great but had learned that the top of the monitor should align to eye level in order to avoid neck pain from bending.

    Kaio StudioKaio StudioPřed měsícem
  • I swivel my desk instead of my chair. It's like saying "i season my pan rather my food" So much trouble could have been avoided if their used a barber chair.

    Shu PesmergaShu PesmergaPřed měsícem
  • O matko. kolejny gość który udaje bezpieczeństwo, nagrywając film samemu w masce! Po co taka ściema?

    Merlin198409Merlin198409Před měsícem
  • Not worth the money.

    Pavel OrekhovPavel OrekhovPřed měsícem
  • Imagine the screen falling on your face when you're in that position 6:53...

    Alex-Aggelos MarkopoulosAlex-Aggelos MarkopoulosPřed měsícem

    Riley DoyleRiley DoylePřed měsícem
  • so god tier chair is basically dentist chair.

    santo hijisanto hijiPřed měsícem
  • They had one of these displayed at a pc store where im from.. The security guard uses it to play solitaire 🤣🤣🤣

    SoSa BoiSoSa BoiPřed měsícem
  • Netflix and chill, nice

    David Herrera (Doodle.Sack)David Herrera (Doodle.Sack)Před měsícem
  • Elbows hang in the air - hello carpal tunnel syndrome in 2 weeks of continuous work.

    Sergey KSergey KPřed měsícem
  • 7K for a constantly moving monitor mount and plate for keyboard and mouse

    Aistis JuodžbalisAistis JuodžbalisPřed měsícem
  • for the price of 7k, it a piece of *white elephant*

    CK LaiCK LaiPřed měsícem
  • It reminded me of my visits to a dentist... Unpleasant

    Temir RashidovTemir RashidovPřed měsícem
  • Been using a zero-G chair for half a year now, thanks to a friend's recommendation. It does help with back problems and recovery. But I can only comfortably sit in it one hour at a time. And yes, coffee breaks happen outside the chair :) i use both a left trackball and a right mouse. Spent 1.5K on mine and would not have regretted upgrading from the start. Right now, everything works thanks to copious pillows. Note how this one doesn't assume you to be on the short side (mine did) Oh yeah, i exercise in between sprints to maintain the blood flow and alertness. I wish I had prevented my back issues, but sometimes, this is the best one has

    Levs DolgovsLevs DolgovsPřed měsícem
  • That's a 7,000$ jerk off station

    TaNKerMiKE 19kTaNKerMiKE 19kPřed měsícem
  • This is absolute crazyness

    Ritwik DasRitwik DasPřed měsícem
  • Disappointed he didn’t talk like a robot game designer

    Thomas SimonsThomas SimonsPřed měsícem
  • It looks comfortable and all but it also creeps me out a little bit. It looks like enter the matrix device, it makes you look and feel totally disconnected from the outside world. But then again I might overreact XD

    Giltley RageGiltley RagePřed měsícem
  • Linus is a bit German Jesus sandals with socks 😂

    Bas BerendsBas BerendsPřed měsícem
  • It's like something @ColinFurze would make / Ive totally wished for a workstation like that before, haha

    Rider0fBuffaloRider0fBuffaloPřed měsícem
  • nice, but i have an electric wheelchair for that xD

    Finn Mikh'to Lange TayuunFinn Mikh'to Lange TayuunPřed měsícem
    • and it drives me to the toilet xD

      Finn Mikh'to Lange TayuunFinn Mikh'to Lange TayuunPřed měsícem
  • 6:50 I was horizontal with my phone and it fell on my face. Many of you might have the same experience too.. imagine it happening to linus with this setup😅

    Dilanka KasunDilanka KasunPřed měsícem
  • I want to see you do the shooting test against Shroud completely reclined like that. Until I see that, I'll always have questions like, "is there really a significant difference between 60fps/144fps/240fps"...?🤔 This needed to be in the test!

    Zero GravZero GravPřed měsícem
  • Mouse drop!!! :)))

    DreadrockDreadrockPřed měsícem
  • Colossal waste of money

    MinerGateMinerGatePřed měsícem
  • Hilarious that I spoke to head of sales about the lack of gamer reviews on their chair and included LTT, 3 months later you get one. you're welcome. I had a herniated disc and write software for a living and I was looking at buying one to handle my extreme daily workload of coding and was talking on at least a weekly basis with the head of sales. He was a really nice, friendly, and empathetic guy. I wish i had the space for this desk. You've set it up exactly as I wanted, with a G9.

    AdamAdamPřed měsícem
    • I really like that you opted for quality keyboard and mice above the weight of apple's peripherals, because I wouldn't find any examples and Altwork didn't seem to really know

      AdamAdamPřed měsícem
  • Imagine my opponent spending 7k

    DisortedMcChickenDisortedMcChickenPřed měsícem
  • Total waste of time and money....but I'd like to work for a company that thought it was a good idea to get me one.

    Say WhatSay WhatPřed měsícem
  • hey, linus. make a gaming rig out of a dental chair thatll be way better than this. crazy, yes, but that hasnt been accomplished.

    Joe LuceroJoe LuceroPřed měsícem
  • Anytime i set back to "rest mode" I'd literally be out in a matter of seconds That's just too comfortable

    John DoeJohn DoePřed měsícem
  • Immediately thought of JP from the movie Grandma's Boy

    SeepSeepPřed měsícem
  • The pink hat and sandals is done on purpose to make all the nerds think he is like them while making millions. There is no way this guy looks or acts like this in real life.

    MrUldahlMrUldahlPřed měsícem
  • You know what the true comfort is in this video? It's the socks+sandals combo he's rockin' :D

    Tye KellyTye KellyPřed měsícem