DIY LOFT BED W/ GAMING AREA |Small Room Makeover Ultimate Gaming Room Setup w/ LED expert Lighting

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DIY Gaming Room Furnitures, LED expert lightings, Home makeover for games. How to make loft bed too close to ceiling.

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  • From a bedroom to a cool game setup this guy is so creative

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  • I am new subscriber bro and how much does it costs? Plz reply

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  • The problem isn't even the space, but the money $$$$ 😂

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  • How much to make loft bed only?

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  • This sounds crappy but it makes me mad to see other people get nice things because I don't have much, I guess I'm just salty 🙃 🤷

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  • I really enjoyed $)

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  • I wish that bed doesnt fall down. 🙏

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  • Bro bro bro super I like you

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  • Give this man the smallest space and he'll make it into one of the most happiest place.

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  • hello! I would very much like to see an in depth vid on how u made it so i can have a go at it as well! Thanks.

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  • how much did all cost :o

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  • this room is still bigger than mine.... ps. I'm living in Hong Kong

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  • This is very rice content. Even I wish to make our like this soon. Would you tell me How much will it cost if we do by owning people outside to complete this setup, right from machine to overall setup. Please tell me in INR price.

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  • How many hours did it take in real time ?

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  • Every gamers DREAM 😍

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  • Gaming forever, girlfriend never!

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  • You are just awesome bro . Love your gaming setup ❤️.... Hatts 9ff to you bro 🔥

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    • Thanks bro.😀

      DIY Tatay DanDIY Tatay DanPřed 2 dny
  • Me encantó! 😄💖

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  • This is almost how I have my room, but inspired me do go on the wood route and get rid of the studio bed i have in right now, going to be extending it wall to wall so that it fits multiple people on the top bunk and make the bottom for a studio, which i have right now, and also make it the happiest place

    Louie's AdventureLouie's AdventurePřed 2 dny
  • you so cooooooooooooool man

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  • yuo so cool man

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  • Kuya magkano lahat ng material

  • Super nice video! May i know what LED strips did you installed on this Room? Thank you.

    Prince Dime (Dime.Prince)Prince Dime (Dime.Prince)Před 2 dny
  • Hope that the bed above will be keeping fine forever. If it breaks... eveything below will be... 😵😵. Let's hope for the best.

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    • Salamat lods

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    • @DIY Tatay Dan lmao you made my day i was jk

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